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The Nepal now project…

  • researching, filing, processing for you all the scattered information about modern art and modern life in Nepal
  • presenting it in one place, creating a universe of vibrant art life for your enjoyment with a well-structured and beautiful blog
  • and even putting you in touch personally with the artist you might want to get to know or whose work you wish to collect.

Who are you working with?

Meet your host and facilitator ...

Beata is a Nepal enthusiast, never climbed a mountain there, did minimal trekking, but as an absolute people-person got deeply involved in friendships with (not only) artists over the last two decades.

She loves art, languages, foreign cultures, good food, good reads, and is a bit fanatic about gathering information and processing it in a creative and beautiful way.

She sees her mission in connecting people in a warm sphere and providing them with the information to meet each other at eye-level.

In her business incarnation she has been assisting German writer/ filmmaker Alexander Kluge for the last 25 years as his information director. In 2006 she started  to run a small gallery with contemporary painting from Nepal in the Netherlands and to promote the art where ever she could. The physical gallery www.chautara.nl has ceased to exist in Almere but the contact with the artists and the art scene is as strong as ever …

… resulting in the NEPAL NOW PROJECT and this website and the blogging activities!



CHIRAG BANGDEL, artist / poet / writer/ radio producer

I have known Beata Wiggen for over ten years. Beata is a very kind person and considers Nepal to be her second home. She has helped a lot of Nepali people, especially the artists.

Beata is a huge patron of the arts and is an avid collector. But she is so much in love with Nepali Contemporary art that she wants to promote the artists and their art and wants the entire world to see them. She founded Chautara Gallery, a beautiful space in Almere to promote Nepali art. I have had several one-man shows in the gallery and three almost complete sell-out exhibitions in the beautiful venue. Beata is influential both in Nepal and Europe. One of my exhibitions enjoyed a five page review and feature in the very popular “Happinez” Magazine.

Beata Wiggen also believes in bringing and celebrating the art to talk about social causes. Along with artist Manish Lal Shrestha, I have exhibited at Flevo Hospital, Almere. Our artworks were enjoyed by all at the hospital. She has also started a pre-school in Kathmandu with special focus on art education.

Beata also regularly takes part in “Nepali” festivals in the Netherlands and Germany to celebrate the friendship between the countries, and also to promote Nepali elements and endeavors in Europe, whether they be Nepali films, Nepali music, Nepali art or Nepali craft.

Beata also loves Nepali literature and she personally published “Mist Around The Stupa” a book of short stories and haiku that I authored. The book did very well in Nepal and abroad.

Beata visits us very frequently in Nepal, and her visits are very anticipated by all her friends in the country. We all love her very muc

Email : bangdel @yahoo.com

Chirag Bangdel

Artist, poet, writer, Radio presenter and producer Founder President, South Asian Poetry Festival For Peace



… testimonial coming up!

Asha Dangol

Artist and Co-founder Kasthamandap Studio



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Bhairaj Maharjan

Artist & Co-founder Kasthamandap Studio


SAROJ MAHATO, artist / filmmaker/ Bikalpa Art Center

Beata has become a patron to Nepali Art Scene over the last decade. She has been continuously visiting and supporting artists for the last 10 years. I have been one of the lucky artists to get her support. I have known her since 2007 when she came first time to my studio and collected most of my giant paintings. And she kept supporting time and time again by providing platform, advice, and more.

Now, her support is essential to us especially as an executive advisor of Bikalpa Art Center. She also helped us to raise funds for the Indiegogo Campaign of BAC. Apart from this all I know Beata as a good friend and mentor.

Saroj Mahato
Executive Director Randomline Production Pvt. Ltd.
Pulchowk-3, Lalitpur, Nepal
Email: randomlineproduction@gmail.com

Saroj Mahato

Artist and Founder Bikalpa Arts Center