Please enjoy the KT 2017*** video presenting one of the participating artists, Ashmina Ranjit, and her work:


Artist Statement

My art is rooted in my need to revisit Asian Traditional Culture from a woman’s perspective. Community, its essence and its power are the force that drives me to create. For me, love, social justice, equality freedom and our rights as human beings, living in our societies, our countries, and the world at large are the most important aspect of life. I create paintings, drawings, videos, sound pieces, installations and performances about the socio-political issues with a strong focus on female identity. My work questions female cultural role, social gendering, and physical experiences and sexuality while reclaiming women’s experiences and giving voice to their political concerns and their most intimate expressions of desire, joy and fulfillment. I work on both individual projects and in collaboration with other artists. I also invite the general audience to participate. Social injustice, human violation, and the on going violence in my country Nepal and around the world are critical in my work. In my performances and installation works, participants are invited to express themselves, raise issues of mutual concern and increase awareness of the topic that are addressed.”



Ashmina Ranjit is an interdisciplinary “artivist” who works internationally on themes related to cultural roles, social gendering, sexuality, human rights and other ever-pressing socio-political issues. She has performed and executed various projects in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.



Lasanaa is an artivist organization that begun in 2007. Their main agenda is social reform through art. They seek to have the Nepali art community be more involved with social issues. They believe in bringing people together to allow learning through exchange, social reforms through art and artivisim.




Kathmandu Triennale 2017 – The City

Kathmandu Triennale is Nepal’s premier platform for global contemporary arts. It is the latest iteration of the pioneering Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF 2009, 2012). Like the precursory Festivals, the Triennale thematically engages particular social issues while advancing a nuanced approach to promote the pedagogical potential of the arts. Through the Triennale, organizer Siddhartha Arts Foundation (SAF) presents multiple perspectives on edition themes – to educate audiences and engage society in critical dialogue. Kathmandu Triennale’s inaugural edition (KT 2017) will be dedicated to the theme of The City and is curated by Philippe Van Cauteren, Belgium while associated museum S.M.A.K an organizing partner of the event. KT 2017 opens on 24 March, 2017.

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