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collecting information on contemporary art and life :: connecting art lovers and artists all over the world

So you love Nepal AND you are interested in (modern) art.

Interested in modern art?

You have travelled more or less widely and for the first time you might be ready to invest in – reasonably priced – original art and in something that deepens your connection to the places and people of the Himalayas.

Then NEPAL NOW PROJECT is the place to be.

Here you find loads of information on art, artists, and goings-on.

Back when I personally bought my first artworks it was hard to get in touch with the artists and to find out anything about the art community in Nepal.

Know more about modern Nepali art?

A lot has changed since with internet, Facebook, e-commerce making it to Nepal, too.

But all the information is still scattered all over the web.

That’s where I can help!


I collect information from a myriad of different sources and bundle it here for your easy access.

Get to know the art scene and make contact with Nepali artists?

Having moved in the art-scene for more than a decade now, I can put you in touch with long-time and new artist friends in Kathmandu. Travelling to Nepal on a regular basis I stay abreast of new developments. Having run a small gallery for contemporary art from Nepal for 7 years I have developed both curatorial and mentoring qualities.

It is my mission to make the modern art (and the modern life) of Nepal visible to the Western world.


I love my artist friends and want their work to find its way into the Western world
… together we can encourage them to continue to make great and still greater art!

Want to meet artists?


… go to the artists page and enjoy a visual introduction with short interview of individual artists!


Want to see artworks?


… go to the art page and see a selection of works of the artists I personally know!


Want to be in the loop?


… go visit the blog and find out all about what’s happening in galleries, in academia, in the (art) press!


Want to buy art?


… check out our small own shop or I will get you in touch directly with the artist of your choice!


Drop Me a Line

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