Another cool place I like to retreat to when the Kathmandu city noise gets to be just a bit too much is BABER MAHAL REVISITED. It’s rather high-end ambiente, but oh so neat and clean, and a really fine place to recharge and relax. (You don’t have to shop or even eat there, you just might want to enjoy the pleasant surroundings.)

Originally built in 1919 by the then prime minister for his son, this unique complex of neo-classical Rana palace outbuildings has been redeveloped to house quite a broad selection of chic clothing shops, designer galleries and handicraft shops, as well as a couple of top-end restaurants and bars.

Neatly touched up after the 2015 earthquake, It’s aimed squarely at expats and wealthy locals so prices are as high as the quality.

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French restaurant “Chez Caroline”

If you want to touch base with European elegance in food and service, you might want to enjoy the lovely French restaurant CHEZ CAROLINE (prices seem high, but are pretty much equivalent to what you would pay in the West).


Boutique hotel “Baber Mahal Vilas”

If you want to just have a look at a very classy accomodation, check out the splinternew boutique hote BABER MAHAL VILAS (with a rooftop pool!), the friendly staff is very willing to give you a little tour!.


Siddhartha Art Gallery

Kathmandu’s finest gallery is also located in Baber Mahal, always worth a visit: SIDDHARTHA ART GALLERY.


Location of Baber Mahal Revisited

Where to find this little oasis? It’s right near Maitighar Mandala (if you take a taxi, make sure the driver understands that you want to go to the Baber Mahal “REVISITED” complex, as there is an old government building of the same name nearby!


Please also check out the blogpost about a lovely shop situated here: Cool place: JAVANA SILVER JEWELLERY