A house filled with modern art from Nepal

A house filled with modern art from Nepal

There’s art everywhere, even in the hallways and the bathrooms … and with very few exceptions it is all modern art from Nepal. Enjoy:

woning try 1 kl


… aaaah, light and brightness and lovely art on the walls (the large painting on the yellow wall is not Nepali, it’s  the “Barcelona Lilies”  by Berlin artist Ariane Boss). Above the USM HALLER sideboard large mountainscape painting by Binod Pradhan, framed  line drawing  of a Buddha head on blue marbled paper by Ratna Kaji Shakya, and small sketch by senior artist Shashi Shah.
Red tryptich on top of the bookshelves by Manish Lal Shrestha and two colorful small works next to door by Binod Pradhan.

The kitchen wall next to the Tulip chairs and Tulip-inspired Ikea table is seen in two incarnations: with the framed work by California artist Stephen Scheffler (and a temporary lighting solution) and with the unframed mountain scene with gold/bronze effects by Binod Pradhan.

woning try 2 kl corr

… the large table doubles as dining table, seating 8 easily, and as work table for the home-office.

woning try 3 kl


… art in the entry hall by Bairaj Bachracharya, some unnamed works in the guest toilet and a less recent foto of the arrangement above the sideboard with a favourite mani stone painting by Bidhata KC. Note the raku mug bought at the ceramic artist’s studio in Cornwall next to the three-Buddhas lamp.


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… n the hallway between the bedroom and the “library” two small works by California artist Stephen Scheffler. Vintage Moroccan carpet with treasured candleholder object. Above the sofa large blue work by Saroj Mahato.

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… and below a last wide-angle view of the open livingroom-diningroom-kitchen space, in the home-office incarnation. Finishing up with some pictures of the patio and front of the attached bungalow and a drawing from the sales prospectus!

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