Ceramic exhibit at Siddhartha Gallery: Gopal Kalapremi

Ceramic exhibit at Siddhartha Gallery: Gopal Kalapremi

Siddhartha Art Gallery is presently showing a collection of sculptures of veteran ceramic artist Gopal ‘Kalapremi’ Shrestha, and Georgian sculptor Gigisha Pachkoria. The sculptures were created during a one-month long ceramic workshop organised by the Siddhartha Arts Foundation.

Gigisha Pachkoria has come a long way from Georgia, where he is a wellknown artist. His joined effort with Gopal Kalapremi was sparked by their common interest in the promotion of ceramics art, which unfortunately is losing its authenticity in Nepal.

As Gopal Kalapremi expresses with passion: “I believe our contribution will aspire budding artists.” He also pointed out that more work by other artists would soon be on display at the gallery after the Dashain and Tihar festivities are over.

All photos: courtesy Rupesh Man Singh


Kalapremi’s specialty lies in ceramic pottery and reviving the traditional ways of creating such sculptures.

He recently showed his work in Denmark,—Tattoo Bulls and Heroes— and his creations were highly appreciated by the international audience.

On his current work, Kalapremi comments: “I always try to incorporate my identity as Nepali in my imagination as an artist.”

All photos: courtesy Rupesh Man Singh


Gallerist Sangeeta Thapa considers Kalapremi one of the foremost ceramic sculptors of Nepal. She expresses her appreciation: “I have known Gopal since 1997 and I must say that his work has evolved in the last two decades. Unlike many other artists, his work has grown organically and with every new work he manages to outdo himself.” She points out that for this exhibition Kalapremi and Pachkoria have used various eccentric techniques, such as beer firing, to create their sculptures.

Kalapremi is also set to organise another ceramic exhibit by Danish and Iranian sculptors in November.

The current exhibit will run until Oct 8, 2017

At the opening, from second left: artist Gopal Kalapremi, artist Gigisha Pachkoria, photographer Rupesh Man Singh, as well as fellow artist Meena Kayastha

Himalayan Art Festival 2017: Looking back at a great event

Himalayan Art Festival 2017: Looking back at a great event

The E-arts Nepal team: Pramila Bajracharya, Asha Dangol, Bhairaj Maharjan, Binod Pradhan, Erina Tamrakar


Himalayan Art Festival took place at Nepal Arts Council in Kathmandu from 7 to 11 September, 2017. It was celebrated to commemorate the sixth anniversary of E-Arts Nepal and featured art works by 50 veteran and contemporary artists. Please also find at the bottom of this post a small video taking you through the exposition!

In a very professional way an incredibly broad spectrum of artworks was hung in the fine spaces of Nepal Art Council. The collages here displayed all feature photography by Pramila Bajracharya.


The event aimed to not only create an annual art event before the onset of Dashain, but is also seeking to encourage private individuals and Nepali corporate houses to invest in art.  (E-Arts Nepal is an online art gallery that has been actively promoting Nepali sculptures and paintings on a global scale.)





In this photo you can see a complete (and very very impressive!) list of participating artists: