Cool place: Chandragiri Hills Cable Car

Cool place: Chandragiri Hills Cable Car

Want to get away from the city for a few hours? The new cable car on the valley rim at Thangkot is quite an experience: rise above the city in a western-standard cable and reach the fresh air at 2540m above sea level! Enjoy the vistas, the verdant green, the temple, the watchtower, the restaurants, shops, playgrounds … and if you get lucky like we were: the show of a Nepali pop singer at the arena near the watchtower.

Where is Chandragiri cable car?

The cable car station is positioned at about seven kilometers from Thankot on the southwest of the Kathmandu valley. The top station lies at an altitude of 2540m above sea level. It is a new destination for daytrip inside the Valley, opened in 2016. It is possible to sea the high peaks on the horizon and you will have breathtaking views of the whole Kathmandu valley. On good day you might have a continuous view of the Himalayan ranges from Annapurna to Everest.

How to reach Chandragiri cable car?

The cable car lies at a distance of 16 kms from Kathmandu. Thankot can be reached within half an hour of travelling with local transportation. There is a huge parking space both for cars and for motorbikes, all very neat and clean. The cable car route is around 2.5 km and it takes around 9 to 14 minutes depending on the windspeed on the cable car. It is easy, thrilling and fun-filled experience exploring in the cable car.  The cable car is expected to serve tens of thousands of visitors per day.

How much does it cost to ride Chandragiri cable car?

At this writing prices for Nepali citizens are NRP 700 while foreigners have to pay quite a bit more, namely NPR 2200 – for a ride both ways. It’s quite a stiff fee for non-residents, but then the impeccable set-up and the trustworthy construction and equipment by famous Austrian Doppelmayr company make the price seem okay.


(All photos courtesy and Beata Wiggen)