Saroj Bajracharya opening at PARK GALLERY

Saroj Bajracharya opening at PARK GALLERY

On Thursday 31st March Saroj Bajracharya’s “The Missing Link” solo exhibition very successfully opened at PARK GALLERY Rnjc, Pulchowk, in Kathmandu. The exhibition will remain open until 31st of May.

(For more information on the artist see a second post here!)

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Saroj Bajracharya has been in the art field for more than two decades. He has been actively involved in many facets of art, including painting, writing, curating and coordinating art events, as well as teaching. He has various group shows and solo exhibitions to his credit and has authored two books: “Future of History” and “A Concise Introduction to Nepali Modern Sculpture”.

His first group show dates back as far as 1994. Since then he has participated in a great number of art activities and was selected to participate in the curatorial research program by the the National Museum of Contemporary Art in South Korea in 2008. This is his 5th solo exhibition: THE MISSING LINK.


Why “The Missing Link”?

While previously having dealt with a sense of not-belonging or a state of belongingness the artist presently focuses on the idea of the missing link.

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Saroj is a conceptual figurative artist and his artworks are complex: cosmonauts are the protagonists of his works, supported by the sea, a chair, or just mild colors in the background.

The “missing link” is a contested term used by scientists to point out the span of evolution from ape to human. The artist uses this term instead to point out the blurry aspect of human consciousness. He believes that humans are result-oriented and seldom value the process involved. “In the process itself lies our undiscovered fragment of history. It is the unending construction that shapes us”, explains the artist. This easily overlooked process constitutes the missing link for Bajracharya. “If one focuses on this missing link, then the clarity in our thoughts will make our life more alive and profound”.

(text based on gallery information)