UrbanJungleBloggers: Planty Wishes for 2016!

UrbanJungleBloggers: Planty Wishes for 2016!

… and here is the last challenge of the year for the UrbanJungleBloggers platform. They asked us to share our Planty Wishes for 2016: to be creative and to feel free to interpret this rather open topic. An illustration, a table setting, a vignette, greeting cards, a wishlist of plants – whatever inspires us to show our planty wishes and positive energy!



Ha, and for me that was definitely a table setting. There wasn’t any doubt about it – as a wonderfully decorated table is for me a perfect symbol for this season of the year, representing warmth, welcome, friendship – eating and celebrating together!

And of course those are my wishes for the new year, too: that there may be peace and friendship, mutual respect, health and well-being for all those near and far! May we surprise each other with lots and lots of positiveness, support, and openness!



I just spent a great couple of hours getting together all kinds of props to do this styling challenge and I hope some of that fun and joy spats right of the photos.



I tried a bunch of different angles at natural light, but quickly realized that too much background made the photos quite busy.



So I added some light from the overhead table lamp, and like magic the background darkened out. But as you will see, it makes for a whole different atmosphere:



… and the last one of the bunch with the ragged edge I typically use:



Thanks like always to Judith & Igor for having set up the UrbanJungleBloggers Platform in the first place. I wish you and everyone else who is participating in this great platform all the very best for totally enjoyable holidays and a peaceful and creative new year 2016!!!





New cool place in town: NexUs Café & Residence

New cool place in town: NexUs Café & Residence

… I’ve been reading a lot about the new NexUs café and art center in Kathmandu, created by eminent artist Ashmina Ranjit and her community. I haven’t been able to see it myself (will do so on my next trip) but it seems a safe bet to present it here and let you know about another “hot spot” in town.

NEXUS Speichenfenster

NEXUS from inside


NexUs is the brain child of a successful Nepalese artivist community organisation: Lasanaa. It means art in Newari, the indigenous language of Kathmandu. Lasanaa has successfully driven art projects since 2007, bringing Nepali artists, art and the community together to explore ideas, promote art and artivism, and collaboration. Check out what they do here: www.lasanaa.org.

NexUs is based in central Kathmandu, an easy access point for people across the city. A three storey building that includes a café, artists residency rooms and studio, an event terrace and garden. All the materials used are recycled and upcycled.

They are a cafe as well as accommodation. Check out more about staying with them: https://lasanaa.wordpress.com/stay-with-us/



After the setup/startup period, NexUs will become a self funding social enterprise via the book / art cafe, the sale of artworks contributed by members, the organic farmers market and the artist in residence program.

NEXUS ausstellung

It is a space that is so desperately needed in Kathmandu, according to Ashmina Ranjit: “Up until this point the community has not had a central space to gather to creatively and critically think, collaborate, create meaning and heal.”


We wish this project all the very best and much success!


NEXUS garden 2