“We’re involved in the Nepalese art and culture because we can’t help it”

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Portrait of Thomas by Aditya Aryal


When we started Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel in Kathmandu back in 2010 we loved the local art and culture. But already after a year in Kathmandu we found most of the art and culture events in town very boring.

Most of the art & cultural events that we have experienced in the years we’ve lived in Nepal have been money machines for the local organizers behind.

Only on very few occasions have we witnessed new interesting art and culture, that thrills us. Otherwise there is always an organization and/or an Embassy involved who have another agenda compared to the involved artists. To create and express their passions is far from the performing artists primary goal.

To get fast access to the huge international culture funds is what most of are going for – in order to cover their materials. Where is the anger, the humor, the desperation, the sex and all the other feelings and emotions young artists around the world are dying to get out? We can’t see in the art! That’s why the Nepalese art scene is boring and predictable.

To most people Tings is a small casual Hotel and Lounge. But there is another side to Tings that most travelers don’t know about.

Tings is the platform we use for our involvement in developing and nurturing young talent: In the local Start Up Business Environment, The local art & culture scene, The local media world or any of the other areas where we feel we have something to share and sufficient experience & insights to make a difference.

Art@Tings is the platform we started up 6 years ago – a virtual company that focus on the local art scene in Nepal.

It took us more that two years before we made our first art exhibition with Nepalese contemporary art. And another two years to establish Art@Tings as a small, but serious alternative to the few established galleries in the Kathmandu.


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What we try to do is getting the energy back to the artist. To Give them 100% artistic freedom to create what they are passionate about without fear of interference from others.We can do that because we fund everything ourselves – the whole idea behind our Tings business is to support talent.


1 thomas blog art



These days – almost 6 years since we did our first Art@Tings projects – we feel we are closer to what we had in mind when we started up. To open the art worlds eyes to local contemporary art we like ourselves. Not because the art comes from a Earthquake hit Developing country but because the art is at least as good at the art we see in European galleries and because the artists not only have something to say – they have the talent and guts to do it.

Aditya Aryal is the first of the artist we work with to get an invitation to an international art event. His is currently touring Europe.


2 thomas blog art

Poster of the upcoming exhibit



On the 4th we open the doors to an exhibition we have been dreaming on for a long time: Something – Anything – Nothing by Sudeep Balla & Shraddha Shrestha – two artists we expect will follow Aditia’s foodsteps.

Art@Tings works not only works for free – we fund everything ourselves. Still we manages to make a difference!


Because our costs are way below the money the local art scene throw around. But more important – we have a plan, a strategy and a lot of passion.

As in all we do we share everything – if people want to copy us its fine. That’s actually why we’re in Nepal.

So if you are and art lover and a local art activist, art buyer or have other interests in this part of the Nepalese culture feel free to copy our ideas, visions, considerations etc.

They are here. (Check out more what, why, and how!)